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IT solutions for senior living communities in Dallas, Texas can include a variety of services and applications to make life easier for those who live there. For example, many communities have implemented secure resident portals that give residents 24/7 online access to their account information, billing statements, and activity logs. This allows residents to manage their finances and stay informed about what’s going on in the community without having to rely on someone else.

In addition, many communities are using smart technology to make life more comfortable and convenient for residents. For example, motion-sensor lighting can be used to turn on lights automatically when someone enters a room, and programmable thermostats can be used to adjust the temperature according to each resident’s preferences. This not only makes it easier for residents to control their environment, but it also saves the community money on energy costs.

Communities can also provide residents with electronic communication tools such as email, text messaging, and social media platforms. This allows residents to stay in touch with friends and family members regardless of where they are. And finally, many communities are using mobile apps to provide residents with on-the-go access to important community information such as schedules, menus, events, and news updates.

All of these IT solutions can help improve the quality of life for seniors living in Dallas, Texas communities. They allow residents more flexibility and independence while also providing a sense of community and support.

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Exordium Networks

Free your community from Alert Fatigue. Replace the constant ringing of multiple devices and save precious time with Exordium Networks E-Care App. Exordium Networks E-Care App seamlessly integrates with ANY nurse call or fire alarm system – providing the information needed in a simple and informative way – while saving you the expense of a cost heavy network change.

Security and Emergency Services – Exordium Networks

Emergency call systems allow seniors to live independently while also having access to immediate support if needed. Exordium offers intercom systems, mobile emergency services, video monitoring, and more. The right emergency call system can get you in touch with first responders faster, notify staff members of security threats, and give residents peace of mind. We use the latest technology for clear and reliable communication every time your call system is used.

WiFi/Telephony – Exordium Networks

Do your systems need an upgrade? We use the latest technology for seamless phone, fax, and email communication. From new internal phone systems to fast, reliable internet, we make it easy to connect with business partners, reach out to family members, and run your company effectively. Call us to learn how new telephony systems can help your business thrive.

Managed IT Support – Exordium Networks

Not sure where to start? Consult our IT experts to create the best plan for your business. A technology consultation provides an unbiased look at a company’s current technology, making it easy for managers to analyze their systems and set goals for the future. Our industry professionals will help you analyze cyber threats, evaluate current IT systems, and more.

Professional Services – Exordium Networks

Exordium uses the latest digital tools to help businesses grow. We offer a variety of professional services to boost sales, improve communication, and help employees work efficiently. With customized professional services, managing projects is a breeze. Let us show you how simple IT shifts can radically transform your company.

IT Transitions / Digitizations – Exordium Networks

Hardware and Software Installation Exordium takes the guesswork out of hardware and software installation. Our team can recommend new products, handle installation, convert files, and run software updates for your company. We can also help you choose the best hardware for your company’s needs. Our quick, reliable installation means you can upgrade your hardware without sacrificing your office’s productivity.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – Exordium Networks

Exordium can help you choose the right cloud storage option for your business’s needs. We offer both public and private cloud options, making it easy to find a plan that matches your security concerns. Our team will customize a storage solution based on your business metrics, budget, and the amount of data that needs to be stored. Call us today to learn about our different IaaS options. Host your website with our strong, secure network. Whether you are building your first site or updating your web presence, we can help you create a reliable platform to reach customers and promote your services. We can also handle larger projects, such as multimedia projects, company intranets, and more.

Cyber Security – Exordium Networks

Your security is only as strong as your weakest link, and user risk poses unintended but serious threats to your business’ operational security – especially with remote work becoming popular in the modern workplace. All the security in the world doesn’t help if attackers can gain entry through weak or reused passwords, phishing and social engineering attacks. The average cost of global data breaches averages $3.9 million, and hacked organizations run the risk of going out of business and permanently eroding client trust. The most efficient way to mitigate user risk is to educate employees and staff on strengthening their security practices through awareness training. We provide on-demand training for employees to learn to protect themselves and employ good cybersecurity practices. Exordium lets you empower your staff to make confident, technologically-sound workplace decisions through an increased skill set that protects your business assets and bottom line.